Byron Underwater

Planula Productions & In Your Face Productions – 2006

Byron Underwater

Byron Underwater takes you on a marine journey through the seasons in Byron Bay to encounter an amazing kaleidoscope of life.

Due to water temperatures and currents changing throughout the year, Byron Bay is unique and renowed for its incredible diversity and abundance of marine life.

Observe mating octopus – hunting wobbegongs – massive schools of pelagic fish such as kingfish, mulloways and trevallies.

At Julian Rocks where tropical and temperate currents converge, to form this unique environment … nature celebrates with an astonishing abundance of life.

Six years of filming, over 1000 dives and hundreds of hours of film went into this production. Filmed by Tim Hochgrebe, edited by Andrew Bambach, Directed and Produced by PLANULA & In Your Face Productions.

The soundtrack to this movie includes amazing music by Simon Perroni (former DO3) together with imersive tracks from Bhakta.

This film was released in December 2006. Purchase your copy through the secure on-line shop on

DVD – full narration – multiregion PAL format – 58 minutes – extras: Byron Underwater – a musical journey, Cape Byron Marine Park zoning plan, Marine Passions DVD trailer

See what Neville Coleman, one of the worlds most prominent underwater pioneers and author of over 50 books has to say about this film:

“A truly beautiful piece of work, extremely professional with exceptional animal behaviour and a wealth of original natural history records. The overall blend of wide angle and close up worked well and increased the audience’s perception of underwater. Superb photography, displaying the best angles and mind – blowing close ups of larger sea creatures. The turtles, sharks, rays and kaleidoscope of schooling fishes are breathtaking. The information is well researched, well edited and presented with easy to listen to voice over. The editing is artful and well thought out, making the most of every feature and complimenting each sequence of events, as well as covering the action and blending the various scenes into one amazing adventure. The sound mixing of background music also fitted in well and added to the mobility of the action taking place all around …. I think this is an awesome production …”

Watch some short clips from this outstanding documentary below.

We would like to thank the following organisations for for sponsoring this film and their continuing support:

Byron Underwater was also proudly supported by the Australian Museum.

Byron Bay Dive Centre Marine Parks Authority Northern Rivers Coastal Management Authority Australian Museum

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