Producing a film for TV or DVD release takes enormous amounts of effort. Most people that have tried will know that. The films we have produced in collaboration with different partners are the results of our passion for the sea and the marine life that it harbours. 1000s of hours underwater and 100s of hours of film. Countless hours in editing suites and meetings and trying to justify the expenses to your accountant …

Marine Passions cover

If you love the ocean you will enjoy Marine Passions – an audiovisual extravaganza about the ocean. People tell us it is a very “Byron Bay” kind of experience. If you are open to new ideas, unique visual stimulations and amazing sounds please have a look at this truely unique film.

Marine Passions was presented at a number of film festivals including the world famous Antibes and managed to score Finalist at the 2006 Celebrate the Sea Festival in Singapore.

Marine Passions is a fantasic visual backdrop for your TV or video projector screen. A stimulating party background not just for divers. A chill-out film – an escape from reality.

Byron Underwater

If you are more a documentary-type-of-person with more need for structure and a consistent and educational script, then Byron Underwater will be more for you.

A one hour fully narrated documentary about the marine life of our region and their seasonal variations. Educational and entertaining – with new insights for marine enthusiasts and trained biologists alike.

Byron Underwater was nominated for ‘Best Marine Film’ at the Byron Bay Film Festival 2007.

It was also chosen as official selection for the Pacific International Documentary Film Festival (Tahiti) FIFO 2008.

In 2008 Byron Underwater achieved Group A Finalists at the prestigious Celebrate the Sea Festival held in Manila, Philippines.

This film was supported by the Australian Museum and sponsored by Marine Parks NSW amongst others.

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