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We are official distributors of URPRO filters, the only patented underwater colour-correcting filters in the world. They are not super cheap – but they actually WORK! If you are an underwater videographer, they are a must. In fact all Ikelite video housings are shipped standard with URPRO filters.

UR-PRO colour correction filters

For use with sunlight and/or electronic flash. Each URPRO optical glass or optical plastic filters transmit natural colours of fish, corals and undersea life to your photo or video camera. You capture more of nature’s beautiful colours on digital film or video than your eye can actually see! For digital photo and video they work best between 3 and 25 metres, for slide films best between 3 and 10 metres.

Impressive…Amazing…Affordable! URPRO filters are used around the world by discriminating professional, amateur, and scientific photographers who demand the most from their equipment and their images.

Filters are available for every photo and video camera. To select and purchase the right filter, just visit the secure underwater shop on our associated underwater.com.au site and make your choice there or contact us direct if you have any questions.

If you already know which type of filter you want, go directly to mounted optical glass filters, mounted optical plastic filters or unmounted optical plastic filters.

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