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Top dawg is an exciting housing brand for the aspiring underwater videographer – especially for those who don’t want to commit to a single video camera model for the life of their housing. As they are electronic housings they accept almost the whole range of Sony and many Canon video cameras.

Top Dawg Mini

The new Top Dawg II and Top Dawg Mini underwater video housings are the most versatile housings on the market. Not only will they fit well over one hundred cameras, they now feature the ability to shoot digital stills. Their depth rating is to 50 metres.

We use the Top Dawg II ouselves in much of our filming and find it extremely reliable and easy to use.

It would be pointless to keep all current Top Dawg models and acessories such as lights, monitor backs and spare parts up-to-date on this site. Please vist the main Top Dawg Website and decide on the product you are interested in, then email us at Planula for a quote.

We are licenced retailers of Top Dawg housings and accessories. Sales to Australia only. Full warranty and repair support.

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