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We support the full range of Olympus Digital Cameras – Great for the entry level photographer to the semi professional, there will be a model that’s perfect just for you. Explore your options among our various camera series. Like the sleek and stylish Mju cameras, the most popular Olympus range ever, having sold over 30 million cameras. They’re compact and feature splashproof metal bodies, so you can even shoot in the rain.

Olympus sp350 and PT-030 housing

Most compact cameras are supported by their own Olympus housings, which is a great an low-cost option when you want to enter the world of underwater photgraphy.

All newer Olympus housings support the addition of external lenses (or so called wet lenses) including wide angle and a variety of macro options. Visit our accessories pages for more info and buy them fast and secure in our associated underwater shop.

As cameras and housings change so quickly it is impossible to keep all current models up-to-date on this site or on underwater.com.au. Please vist the main Olympus website and decide on the product you are interested in, then email us at Planula for a quote.

We are licenced retailers of Olympus cameras & housings. Sales to Australia only.

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