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TRV-900 ikelite housing

The equipment we use changes with available technologies. With high definition cameras becoming more and more affordable and usable, underwater filming will ultimately shift fully to High Definition.

So far we have been using SONY 3CCD miniDV cameras (TRV900, VX2100) and the high definition SONY HC1 and our latest acquisition is the SONY HDR-SR12 a 120GB High Definition Camcorder which we use in the ultimate of housings, the Light & Motion Bluefin SR12.

Light & Motion Bluefin housing

We have been using housings from many different manufacturers – including Ikelite, Amphibico, TopDawg and Light & Motion. Hence with experience in both mechanical and electronic housings from different brands, we can advise on the appropriate camera / housing combinations that might suit your individual needs – see our Photo & Video sales pages.


We have finally ventured into digital SLR photography with the Olympus e510 SLR in an Ikelite housing and Ikelite DS-125 strobes.

Olympus e510 in Ikelite housing

Previously we used compact digital photocameras including Olympus 7070WZ and Olympus 350SP in Olympus housings using UN wide angle and macro lenses and UN, Epoque and Fantasea strobes. In addition we also use the little Sealife Reefmaster minis mainly for hire at Planula Divers Retreat.

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