Byron Underwater makes official selection for FIFO 2008

Byron Underwater was selected from many entries for the fifth edition of the Pacific International Documentary Film Festival (FIFO 2008) which will be held in Tahiti from the January 29 to February 3, 2008. Byron Underwater will be inserted in the program of the festival and will be projected several times. It will also appear [...]

Announcing: Byron Underwater Festival ‘07 – 10-13 May (UF07)

Who can participate ? The Byron Underwater Festival is aimed to engage everyone with an interest in the marine environment, whether they want to dive it, snorkel it, kayak it or just observe it from the safety of their armchairs. What will be happening ? Byron Underwater Photographic Shootout 4 days – 8 dives – as much digital [...]

Byron Underwater gets ‘thumbs up’ from Wet Rag

In the January 07 issue of Wet Rag – the new pdf dive magazine from South Pacific Divers Club, Byron Underwater, gets reviewed very kindly. ‘the stunning footage and interesting facts presented in the commentary kept me riveted the whole time … shot by Tim Hochgrebe, some of the footage is truly spectacular … the [...]

Planula now uses 100% renewable energy

We think it is time to do our thing for global warming. Much of PLANULA’s water is heated by solar energy we now purchase 100% of our energy from renewable sources. It makes us feel good and we hope that our example will encourage others at home and industry to do the same.

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